Code Review Circle

Get code reviews from experienced developers or provide code reviews and earn money.

Code Review Circle is a project currently being built by @michalrothcz as part of the #buildinpublic to #sellinpublic Twitter challenge to build and sell a startup in 180 days.

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Project Roadmap


Done on April 14, 2021

Come up with a project idea that would solve a real problem.
Propose a solution, figure out a revenue stream.
Define target group(s).
Validate own skills to assess if the project is feasible.

Project website

Done on April 15, 2021

Register domain(s).
Design a logo, decide on a palette, create branding.
Draft a one page website with a counter and Mailchimp sign up form.

Workflow setup

Done on April 16, 2021

Create repositories both for the project website and the application itself.
Setup gitflow - master (production env.) ↦ devel (test env.) ↦ feature branch.
Automate deployment:
 - for the project website - merge to master = push master to SFTP.
 - for the app - merge to master = deploy master to production server.
 - for the app - merge to devel = deploy devel to test server.
Connect GitHub and CircleCI with Slack to get updates on all actions.

Proof of concept development

To be done by May 16, 2021

Develop a Symfony application with the following functionality:
Actor 1 (customer)
 - Can register an account and link GitHub account
 - Can select a repository or a PR to order a code review
 - Can order a code review
 - Can review the review comments
 - Can vote on the quality of the code review
 - Can rate the reviewer
Actor 2 (reviewer)
 - Can register an account
 - Can pick a code review to review
 - Can comment on the repository or pull request
 - Can see own feedback

PoC validation

To be done by June 1, 2021

Obtain at least 10 customers and reviewers to test the PoC.
Have the PoC tested.
Collect feedback.


To be done by June 15, 2021

Based on the PoC feedback, pivot if needed.
If only small issues arise, create issues from the feedback.
Implement the collected issues.

MVP development

To be done by July 1, 2021

Extend the PoC functionality with the following:
 - Integrate GitLab and Bitbucket on top of GitHub.
 - Implement Stripe to facilitate subsciptions and payout to the reviewers.
 - Create a documentation to put in the app.
 - Add user profile editing to the application.
 - Create a landing page for the app.

MVP limited release

To be done by August 1, 2021

Gather at least 50 customers and reviewers to participate.
Roll out the MVP to production to the limited audience.
Perform extensive testing on the MVP, both functional and performance.
Implement all issues stemmed from the testing.

MVP full roll out

Commence on August 1, 2021

Open the MVP to anyone.

Growth hacking

Commence on August 1, 2021

Gain traction. No idea how to do this yet... :/ Will update this section once I'll figure this out.

List on microacquire

To be done by October 1, 2021

Create a listing for the project on the MicroAcquire platform.


To be done by October 11, 2021

Sell, get drunk, move to a private island and all that jazz...

Key Metrics





Monthly P/L-$2.75


Est. ARR$0
Est. ARC$33
Est. ARP-$33




Limited release



Free tier0
Paid tier0

Stack and Tools Used

Name Description Type Cost in USD
Subreg Domain purchases and management Service $33.00
Visual Studio Code Preferred IDE for the development SW $0.00
Slack Messaging app, used to receive all systematic notifications Tool $0.00
CircleCI CI/CD - deployment automation, free tier PaaS $0.00
GitHub Platform to hold repositories, free tier PaaS $0.00
Symfony PHP framework to be used for the application, open source Framework $0.00
Figma Designing, wireframing and protyping tool SaaS $0.00 Diagrams and charts tool On-line tool $0.00
Total: $33.00

Expenses Ledger

Date Item Provider Category Frequency Cost in USD
April 15th, 2021, domains; 4/15/21 to 4/14/22 Domain per year $33.00
Total: $33.00